Space to Grow

by Random Holiday

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released April 16, 2013

Tracked and Mixed by - Sam Smith and Mike Baker
Mastering - Mark Petraius
Artwork - Andrew Nichols
Photography Credit - Stephanie Bruno



all rights reserved


Random Holiday Virginia

Space to Grow

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Track Name: 17
I’m growing up but finding out I’m stronger than I seemed
With ever day that’s going by I’m falling in-between
Life until now was all that I could want
But that’s not a reason why I should start to give up
A lesson never learned I’m still waking up at noon Ill stop making up excuses it’s a gift from me to you

Coming clean with all that I wanted to be Ill make my own reality for myself and no ones else
Seventeen still so young and so naïve to believe that the world really cares about me

I’ve taken every step I’ve learned to sing every line I’ve read all that you’ve written trying not to fall behind
I’m not buying into all that I was taught I never stepped in time and tried not to be caught
Every note I play has been played before
Finding out your life is worth more I knew before

Choosing not to let this life ever take control I'll make a run for my self and never let my heart get old
Where I have been and who have I become I’ll break this fucking habit before I become too numb
Doubting all I'm worth when my life is at it’s best I'll speak my mind with every word belt it from my chest
Mom and dad don’t understand I'm becoming a good man
made this path on my own persevere with my own plans
Track Name: Lee
I woke up tonight to the sound of my mother's cry
I took her hand and felt her heart begin to die
So I left the next day down the coast hoped to escape
These feelings that left me here alone inside

So tell me tell me what did I do wrong
I tried my best but I was never strong

My heart’s grown cold from everything I’ve known
You start to see how your world begins to take control
And after 18 years my heart’s begun to fear
Disappointing all of those I hold so dear

But my mind doesn’t sleep
It only eats away at my dreams
So I tell my self I’m okay now
All I need is to find my peace

I sift through my self while I age through it all
Feel it take its toll as I yell out with this call
And all though these things may look dark with no end
I’m learning from the best, to keep a strong head.
Track Name: If I'm Lucky I'll Forget Your Name
You blacked out again for the third time this week
You lead me own every single lie you speak
This place home to many of your kind
Soaking up their sadness in others lives

But I’ve seen this all before this time I cant ignore
The way you’ve lead me to believe I was the cause for what you did
So never let you in again I'll keep a safe distance
I know you and all you do guess that’s my best excuses

Break breaking my back with every word
I cant decide if you’re a blessing or a curse
I shut out my friends and those I knew
I let you in to dictate my every move
Track Name: Bankshaft
Sometimes I think too much and that’s where I went wrong
Maybe things aren’t really that rough ill just move along
I see the life around me isn’t what they say trying to make a glimmer of light in a world of grey

So take me home cause I have nothing left to say through all this madness finally found my grace
Pieced together a way to cope with what I found a meaning in something useless ill never settle down

Don’t question what your told and never speak out they hate if your clever so you better shut your mouth
I may be laughing but inside there’s something else a feeling of unrest and I cant keep lying to my self
I’m tired of sitting by and watch them go unchecked there’s far to much good to let them ruin it.

So don’t speak out
Just shut your mouth
Close your eyes
or else
Track Name: Walk Before You Run
Mother always told me son you better walk before you run and keep your head up high
But I’m placid in this life of mine just content with feeling fine when everything else goes to hell
The adventures that I used to have were all thanks to mom and dad I could go and do as I pleased
I never had a second chance I let my time pass too fast I know I’m ready to be done

But I'll be all right I’m doing just fine now for the last time I'll go on with life

Honestly this life for me has been turning up and down with no end
With my lasting words ill keep you from hurt with this heart of mine till the end And I'll be a freind for you

So lets sit at home and watch TV die alone and happily at least I know I have you
Politicians always lie at least we know there’s time to escape this place for good
I come from the world I want where you and can stop and let this world pass us by
So let me have one last wish to hold you close and not make this quick I know no matter what I'll never forget

So when you go I promise you I wont ever let you out of my thoughts
I may cry at first but don’t let hurt cause time for me has always been a friend

And I'll wait till the end
For all the time we had spent
I promise you I'll care till the end
Track Name: Crossing The Potomac
A second glance from every step that I take
I wonder in my heart is this a mistake
I Blamed my self for every chance that I missed
This fall has taken its toll on me and all that I wished

Put my faith in my self this time
I’m running out of breath here with every line
But I don’t need your help I’m just losing my mind
You really broke me down but ill be fine

All those late night drives on 15 South
We spent the time talking on our way from Phil’s house
The rain began to pour with the air so cold
Traveled all the way to Charlotte just to find a home

I never needed anything at all I guess I slept through your fucking call
I found out all that I was worth I always thought this was what I deserved
Track Name: Where I Belong
I’ve seen the beauty of the coast
I’ve spent a lot of time alone
I know exactly who I want to be
But your words still sting in my ears
All I’ve known has disappeared
But I’m still waiting here I’m still waiting here

I found my self shadowed in this doubt
Over whether or not this is something for my self
I took a breath to help myself get up from everything you said
I’ll take some time to clear my restless head

I let my thoughts get the best of me
Sometimes I forget what really makes me smile
There is a lot to this world I haven’t found
I swear one day I’ll make you proud ill make you proud

But this is something for the better and you already know the end
I chose to let the waves cover and keep me from breath
I want to go back to the ocean
I want to go back to where I belong
I don’t mind it at all
I don’t mind it.
Track Name: Hibernation
I never felt the same again after you I lost the love I used to have
I cannot feel I'm hallow to the core all thanks to you

This year the rain has poured down on me it's covered everything I loved
but some how I found a way to change my life and my heart in all of this

But now I am trying
To change this mind and body
But this life is killing
But now I'm still waiting
My eyes are closing
I'll sleep until spring comes

So I took a drive but not very far I went to the places I loved
I heard the sounds and smells of spring I am still chained to my dreams

But now I am trying
To change this mind and body
But this life is killing
But now I'm still waiting
My eyes are closing
I'll stay asleep the till leaves come back in spring
Track Name: Heart Grows Colder
My heart grows colder since you've been away
My lips are chapped and faded I can't find the words to say
It's getting old the conversations dead
All I have are three words that are burned inside my head

Last December we kept each other warm
But now I stand alone in the coming of this storm
Do you remember the times we used to have
I told you that I loved you but now I just regret it all

But the blood is rushing in my head and draining out
You left me here with nothing but this bad taste in my mouth
And I guess that good things always end up torn apart
The only scar you you're left with is the impression of my heart

I stare down the barrel of this gun
For every fight I ever fought, I finally thought I won
But I guess its not that easy you see
You know I'm lost and faded but you're where I want to be

And I know when everything's not making sense
I'll just go to the night where we first met
Now everything's different, you're not the same
I put too much hope in broken things
I think its raining out, so I guess ill just walk home